On the southeastern corner of Kavanaugh and Club Road in the heart of the historic Heights neighborhood, the agents of Capital Sotheby’s International Realty (Capital SIR) have found their new home. The stunning, open space that shares a roof with Heights Corner Market, now finds itself home to 13 new faces.

Below the midnight blue awning and through the French front door, you will find yourself in a room decorated in hues of blues, creams, golds, and bright whites. The space is inviting and crisp and clean—and likely buzzing with conversation. This is a space that wasn’t designed simply to house the agents who occupy it—rather, with the skilled and talented eye of designer Jonathan Parkey, of J. Parkey, at the helm, this is a peaceful and inspiring space designed for a community of clients, friends, neighbors, agency team members, and art appreciators. The vision behind the space is one that drives the agency in everything it does: connection.